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A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich, Celery Sticks, Apple November 30, 2011

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Today for lunch I packed an almond butter and banana sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread (again! heyy I had to use the other half of my banana ha), celery sticks, and an apple. I think this should hold me over until I get home for a little snack since we finish in the middle of the afternoon today. I think I am going to go to the boy’s tonight and hang. I am not sure if I will eat before I go or not. I still have leftover slides but no meat or anything made. That is why I have been making individual packaged fish since they are quick and easy. I think I am ready to mix it up though, so I might eat with him if he doesn’t eat at work before quitting time. Now I need to review for my pharm quiz a little bit before I head off to school. We have our lovely IRAT/GRAT quizzes on an article about type 1 diabetes. Hopefully it goes well :)


Waffles with Pear Slices

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This morning for breakfast I am having two waffles topped with pear slices. This is pretty good except for the fact the person who last used the knife I sliced my pear with definitely cut up onions because my pear totally tastes like them booo. I hate when that happens. I always make sure to wash my garlic/onion knives really well, but I guess everyone is not the same. Finally the sun is starting to come out again. It was sooo wet and miserable yesterday/last night I hated it. I didn’t really get much work done because I just wanted to sleep. I made it almost halfway through the VS fashion show and then woke up and the clock said 11:06pm ohhh well ha. Today is hump day yayyy! Two more days until the weekend and I actually get out of class today at 3pm which is a million times better than yesterday!


Balsamic Tilapia, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Beans November 29, 2011

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Tonight for dinner I made balsamic tilapia, sweet potato casserole, and steamed green beans. I used Wegmans Italian Classics Balsamic Glaze. It says it is for recipes, on salads, meats, cheeses, fruits, ice creams and more. I decided to attempt it on fish even though it might sound weird. It was actually really good though! I would absolutely make it again!! I bought this glaze a while back for an appetizer with salami and provolone and just discovered it in the back of my frig the other day. I will have to use it more often. Then I just had my leftover sides from last night. That casserole is still so amazing. I was debating what I could bake tonight during my marathon day of class and honestly this totally hit my craving. Sooo good! I am glad tomorrow is Wednesday already so I can be halfway through the week. Three weeks today I will be home for Christmas yayyy! Victoria Secret fashion show tonight whoo hooo :D


Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich, Carrots, Cucumbers, Pretzels

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Today for lunch I am packing an almond butter and banana sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread, carrots, cucumbers, and honey braided pretzels. I have never actually packed this sandwich for lunch. I am packing it as a closed faced sandwich, but I usually have it for breakfast as an open faced one so I hope it is still good/doesn’t get too mushy on me. I literally used to eat almond butter on a daily basis with a spoon right out of the jar but I am gotten out of that phase. Now I feel like I barely eat it and I have no idea why because I still like it very much. It is probably for the better haha. It looks like another beautiful day outside with it already being 61 degrees but I’ve heard we are expecting rain today. Too bad it’s basically indifferent for me since I’ll be inside all day. I just hope it’s not raining at 6pm when I leave school because the walk to my car in the rain is not my cup of tea. HB Mom :)


Blueberry Breakfast Thin with Butter, Orange

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This morning for breakfast I am a blueberry breakfast thin with butter and an orange. I love oranges and haven’t bought them in a while. They are so sweet and fresh I definitely need to pick them up more often. Better yet it is clementine season so I think I will delve into a box of those next time I am at the store. Well today is my lovely mother’s 53rd birthday yayyy! Happy birthday mama! I am sooo grateful for everything you do. I hope you enjoy your special day :D On the other hand, I am headed off to a super long day of glasses. I go from 9am-6pm and it is literally all lecture. I have no idea how I am going to make it through the day since we usually go until 3pm and that is miserable. I will need to bring some snacks or something to keep me awake. Thank god I pretty much have leftovers for dinner tonight!


Baked Tilapia, Sweet Potato Casserole, Steamed Green Beans November 28, 2011

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Tonight for dinner I am having a piece of baked tilapia topped with garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, lemon juice, and grated locatelli, sweet potato casserole, and steamed green beans. I got the casserole recipe from and added some coconut on top as recommended by a friend. This came out soooo fabulous! It is definitely like a dessert. Way too decadent for dinner if you ask me ha. I usually just bake my sweet potatoes either whole or sliced but since I have a bag of 6 of them I decided to use 4 in this casserole. I cannot make this often because I think I might eat the entire thing in 24 hours ha soooo good. I was craving something sweet today and this more than did the trick. I should recommend it for Thanksgiving some time, or at least a family dinner when I am home. My mom would say she wouldn’t like this and I wasn’t sure I would but boy was I wrong. Yum! Check it outttt :) Time to catch up on Boardwalk Empire from last night, I heard it’s a good one!


Spinach Salad with Tuna, Apple

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For lunch today I packed a spinach salad with carrots, celery, cucumbers, and sunflower seeds with tuna and balsamic vinaigrette. My mom bought me groceries while I was home yesterday at Wegman’s and I can’t believe I forgot to get lunch meat for sandwiches. I hate having to think of other things to pack so I will need to pick something up maybe after class today if I’m not itching to get home too fast. I probably should start studying for pulm soon too since that is creeping up. It is a beautiful day outside so I am hoping the weather stays like this for a while. I would prefer it didn’t snow until Christmas because I love a white Christmas but I am not a huge fan of shoveling. Happy Monday!