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A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Multigrain Rice Cake with Banana Slices, Almond Butter, & Cinnamon June 12, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I am having a multigrain rice cake with banana slices, creamy almond butter, and a cinnamon. I wanted to make this like I usually do with the almond butter spread nicely on the rice cake topped with bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon, but I opened up a new package of rice cakes and the first three were broken!! I decided it wasn’t worth it to keep digging down for the fourth since I was making a mess as it was, so here it the final product. Hey it all ends up in the same place right ha? So last night I went to bed at 10pm and slept right through until about 6am. This is rare for me. I was super tired all day yesterday so hopefully this chunk of good sleep will get be through the day. I have a pediatric immunizations lecture this morning from 8am-12pm that is 341 slides ahhhh! I think it’s going to be horrible. Hopefully it will be a little interesting at the very least. Lunch packing time!


Peach Greek Yogurt, Golden Delicious Apple June 11, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I am having a Fage Greek yogurt with a golden delicious apple. Wow so I have really fallen off the blogging wagon and I’m not sure I can pinpoint why. I think it’s just me not having normal meals or not being at home. Now that I have a normal week of school I will try to post my meals more regularly. I do need to plan something for dinner though. In fact, I am running to the kitchen right now to take some meat out of the freezer. This poor meal I just decided I am making I planned to make several times this week and kept taking the meat in and out of the freezer (not good I know!). So tonight will finally be the night. I have an orthopedics test today in a hour and then class until 4pm. Long days of class this summer and I’m not loving it. Today is my friend Elysha’s birthday though soooo happy birthday!!! We will celebrate after this exam for sure :)


Sourdough French Toast with Butter June 9, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I made sourdough french toast with butter. I had some bread in a freezer from a few weeks ago I thought I would use up and this was the perfect way. It was actually way more filling than I thought, I couldn’t even finish it I was sooo full. The sun is shining and it’s the weekend so I’m happy. I do have an orthopedics test on Monday but I’m not even too concerned at this point. I don’t have any plans at all this weekend — no games, no babysitting, no commitments. I can just focus on school and get some cleaning done. The boy is working all weekend since his company has these weekend workshops and it’s his turn to project manager so he’s there Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 7a-6pm. He is not excited to say the least. I think I shall go hang with him this evening to break up the monotony. Yayyy for Saturday!


Dark Chocolate Granola Bar, Orange June 8, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I am having a dark chocolate granola bar and an orange. Wellll I apologize for not blogging for days but I have honestly eaten the most random things. I have not gone grocery shopping since Toronto because I have been so busy so I’ve been surviving on random things in my cupboard and meals out. Luckily, the last two nights I had dinner plans and I just kind of winged it for breakfast and lunch. I am on the last leg of my fresh things today so I am definitelyyyyy going to the store after class today. Well, kind of ha. One of my best friends from school has a wedding at 4pm like a half hour away so another friend and I are doing her hair, makeup, and mani/pedi since she has no time to get it all done at the salon. I’m actually pretty excited about it. I feel like I rarely do girly things with other girls since college so it should be fun. Lunch is just an apple and a tub of hummus + baby carrots ha. I’ll post groceries later if I have time! PS I totally took this picture horizontally and wordpress will not let me insert it that way. I even changed it and it keeps changing it back. Oh well, at least you can steal read the granola bar name ha. TGIF! Enjoy your day everyone :D


Fried Egg on Toast, Sliced Apple June 4, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I made a fried egg on whole wheat toast with a sliced apple. I had to get up a little earlier today since I have class beginning at 7:30am instead of 8am. We have casting and splinting lab 7:30-11:30am. I am super excited about it. We get to cast and splint each others’ arms and legs all morning. It’s particularly fun for me since I never had a cast. I feel like the majority of kids have broken a bone but I never had to have a fun colored cast on — until today :) Then I have lecture from 12-4pm so it is a long day. Thankfully it’s not all lecture though. After that I think I need to get some groceries if I am up to it. I might be too tired so I could potentially wait until tomorrow since I do have leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory last night yum! I was super tired so I didn’t even get to stay up to watch Girls. I will try and catch up later on today. Lunch is just soup and fruit. Catch ya tonight!


Ham & Eggs, Toast with Butter June 2, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I made ham and eggs with a slice of toast and butter. For some reason ham and eggs always remind me of home and taste the best here. My dad was craving white bread randomly and no one in my house is loving it. We are all wheat fans. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had pre-sliced white bread. The only time I eat white bread is if it’s Italian. It wasn’t bad by any means though. So my grandpa is here visiting which is fun. He wanted to take me grocery shopping but I decided against it since I already have a ton of stuff to bring back since I am clothes here I forgot I left home. Shortly, my father and I are going to get me new glasses. I literally have the same ones since high school so I’m super excited about growing up and getting some new frames. I need new lens too since my one cracked and keeps popping out. I hope they come in soon!


Verry Berry Greek Yogurt, Fresh Mango May 25, 2012

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This morning for breakfast I am having my last Chobani champion verry berry Greek yogurt with a fresh mango. I was nervous this mango wasn’t going to be pretty to eat but it worked out — so sweet and delicious. It is unbelievably foggy out today, I can barely see out the windows. I actually woke up freezing too which is soo rare with this muggy weather. Thank God for AC it was sooo relaxing last night. It will be even nicer to pack for Toronto in the AC since yesterday when I did a small amount of packing I was already getting warm from moving around. This morning I only have class from 8am-12pm which is beautious. I was considering going to AAA to get a travel Visa card to put money on but it’s just not close and I’m not sure it’s worth the trip/energy. Hopefully lots of places will taken the American dollar. Alright time to get a moving this morning. Catch ya at lunch!