Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Mussels & Broccoli Over Spaghetti in a Butter Garlic Sauce January 31, 2012

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Tonight for dinner I made mussels and broccoli over spaghetti in a garlic butter sauce. I wish I could say I bought the mussels fresh but I’m not that adventurous yet ha. I bought these frozen and they came out great. They were actually flavored butter garlic already but I made additional butter garlic sauce for the pasta and some broccoli for good measure. It really came out great! The boyfriend and I devoured it. I would buy these mussels again for sure, especially because they have other sauces. I might even venture out and try fresh ones some time. So anyway, tonight I need to finish up my rough draft for my patient clinical seminar and then do some studying for my Clinical Medicine infectious disease exam on Friday blahh. Oh and did I mention I have to see a patient tomorrow as well? Always soooo busy!


Mini Cheese Pizzas, Baby Carrots, Apple

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Today for lunch I made mini cheese pizzas out of english muffins with sauce/cheese, baby carrots, and an apple. We have lunch at 11am today which I always hate. I really hate eating anytime before noon but I can’t really wait since I present around 12:20ish. Oh well, I will deal haha. Sooo I am super excited to share that the boy officially got a job!!! He has been looking for a while and he finally found one that is the perfect fit for him. I am beyond proud of him because he totally deserves it and is going to be great :D Congrats again!! He is heading home to visit with his parentals for a while tomorrow so that gives me lots of time to get ahead with school stuff and some other things. Life has been good lately, hope it stays that way!! Hope everyone has a tremendous Tuesday! Tomorrow is halfway through the week yayyyy!


Honey Cinnamon Oatmeal with Banana Slices

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This morning for breakfast I am having a bowl of Kashi honey cinnamon instant oatmeal with banana slices. As a child, I ate oatmeal pretty frequently and I always loved a cut up banana in it. I haven’t had this in ages so I was pretty excited when I thought of it today. It’s sooo tasty! Soooo I have my pharm IRAT/GRAT at 8am on HIV treatment guidelines and I’m thinking it won’t be too bad. I feel like the material is pretty straight forward so hopefully the quiz will be too. Then I have pharm lecture, lunch, and my genetics presentation. I didn’t really go over it much, but I think I will glance at it this morning during class. Three groups present today and I’m the middle one which I kind of like. I hope my class is all ready to learn about hemophilia A :D


Homemade Beef Chili January 30, 2012

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Tonight for dinner I am having a bowl of homemade beef chili. I made this a few weeks ago and froze individual containers for days such as these so it is always nice to have something on hand. I actually wasn’t planning to go grocery shopping until the weekend but my roommate’s had their tub reglazed over this afternoon and the guy was starting to spray the horrible stuff basically when I got home from school — so inconvenient. He basically told me I had to leave because the fumes would be so bad, so I left for what I thought would be an hour, and then my roommate told me he told her 2 hours. Anyway, I ran to the bank and Target, and then figured I might as well get some groceries since I had the time to kill so I did that as well. I was planning on sharing a picture but our apartment smells so bad I wanted to put the food away and get in my room asap. I hope the smell dissipates soon!


Ham Sandwich, Orange, Green Bell Pepper

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Today for lunch I am packing a cooked ham sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with an orange and sliced green bell pepper. Oh just a normal lunch for me. I hate having such a plain sandwich though, I really need to pick up some greens and veggies and cheese or something more exciting. This is the type of lunch I am always starving when I get home but today I am just planning to have a healthy snack and not crave something crazy overboard. I have to study for my pharm IRAT/GRAT tomorrow as well as make sure I have my genetics presentation down so hopefully I can focus on that instead of food. For some reason I literally almost always have food on the mind. That needs to stop! Any ideas ha? Alright, I must finishing get ready and head to class. Happy last Monday in January!! :D


TJ’s High Fiber Cereal, Sliced Apple

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This morning for breakfast I am having TJ’s high fiber cereal with a sliced apple. I really have to try to eat better all the time. I was doing well for a while then the weekend and hits and it often goes down hill. I have a funny suspicion this weekend won’t be much better since I have a friend’s birthday Saturday night and the superbowl Sunday night. I should probably just hang in on Friday and work out or something ha. I have another busy week this week but luckily today isn’t too bad — just a few lectures and one test review. I am thinking I might meet with my genetics group one last night to go over our presentation for tomorrow but they didn’t mention anything so who knows. I feel fine about my part so I’m not worried. Ok, time to pack a lunch..


Hot Roast Beef Panini, Spring Mix Salad January 29, 2012

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Today for lunch we went to Piccolo Trattoria in Pennington, NJ and I had the hot roast beef panini with spring mix salad. The sandwich came with roast beef, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone and the salad was spring mix, blue cheese crumbles, granny smith apple slices, and walnuts with a house vingarette. It was all soooo amazingly delicious. The boy and I went to see his undergrad’s basketball team play a team about an hour away from us. It was a beautiful day out and we figured it would be fun. It was a great game, neck and neck most of the time, but his alma mater ended up losing. It was still exciting to be there and to eat at an awesome place nearby right before. Then we came home back to his apartment and had the rest of the homemade milk chocolate ice cream we made yesterday. I wish I wasn’t a ravenous glutton and could have waited to take a picture to share haha, maybe next time. School work for the rest of the night!