Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Spaghetti with Garlic Bread August 31, 2011

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Tonight for dinner I am having the rest of my spaghetti with garlic bread. I am so glad I have this leftover since I just got home and am starving. Luckily, I think my SP went pretty well today. I was so nervous I wasn’t going to finish since I talked to like 5 people who went before me and didn’t get through everything. I ended up getting done with 7 minutes to spare thankfully. It is such a high stress/anxiety situation I kind of hate it. My patient, a male this time, was awesome and really conversational. Now tonight I just need to hand write (womp womp) my SP from last week and then do my pre-lab for tomorrow. I don’t start until 10:30am tomorrow which is joyous. I need to relax a little bit now before I jump back into work. Oh PA school!


Chicken Salad Sandwich, Celery Sticks, Apple

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Lunch today is a chicken salad sandwich on a toasted light multigrain english muffin (separate to prevent sogginess), celery sticks, and an apple. I am doubling up on the celery today because it is easier since I need to dress professionally for my SP and need to save as much time as I can this morning. I am really completely over this 8am start time. After my crazy day today, I also need to write up by hand my SP from last week, as well as do my pre-lab. What a hassle! I wish we could just type it, it would be so much easier and half the world uses electronic medical records anyway. Oh well, I guess it’s good to know both ways efficiently. Ok, time to get moving. Adios!


Fiber One Cereal, Banana

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This morning for breakfast is Fiber One cereal with fat free milk and a sliced up banana — almost the same as yesterday only I’m throwing some milk in the mix before it expires. I really enjoyed this combination yesterday anyway so I think I will be having it more often. I must say I rarely have nightmares but yesterday a classmate told me about her lizard which she described as at least a foot long and at 4:30am I woke up out of a dead sleep scared to death because I thought it got out of it’s tank and chased me, jumping on my back. Gosh I’m so glad it was a dream! I hope I never see it! So busy day today. I have pharmacology this morning from 8-11am. Then I need to re-vamp for sheet for my SP and print it out. Afterwards, I have to come home and read some Health Policy for my online quiz ughhh! Ok, lunch eats…


Spaghetti with Garlic Bread August 30, 2011

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Dinner tonight is spaghetti with garlic bread. I know I was supposed to eat healthier, but I went to Butts & Guts today and it was soooo intense. I’m not sure I ate enough before it because I felt a little weak when I was done from pushing myself so hard. Needless to say the fastest dinner I could make was pasta. I think I need to go to the Italian market soon and buy some real Italian grated cheese. This stuff isn’t bad, but I want the fresh kind for more flavor. Today was another long day of classes. Luckily, tomorrow I finished at 3pm but I have an SP so I am pretty nervous about that. Not only do I have to take an entire history like last week. I also have to take 4 blood pressures in 3 positions, 3 radial pulses, respirations, and temperature ahhh. My roommate is being so kind to let me practice with her tonight so that should help! Weekend?


Roast Beef Sandwich, Cantaloupe, Cucumber Slices

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Today for lunch I packed a roast beef and spinach sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with cantaloupe and cucumber slices. I was lucky it was pretty easy to pack today since I was so rushed. I’m not sure how I had time to even capture these pics. I guess I’m lucky I take notes on my comp and can blog quickly between classes. I have no idea what I am having for dinner tonight either and I’m sure I’ll be super exhausted when I get home tonight because I am taking a Butts & Guts class at the gym at school at 4:30om which should be fun. I definitely need to start working out again. I have to figure out a way to make time for it because once I get going, I love how much better I feel. Hopefully I will keep up with it!


Fiber One Cereal, Banana

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Today for breakfast I had dry Fiber One cereal with a banana. I had this because I woke up 25 minutes before I had to leave and was really rushing. One of my friends eats this all the day and loves it and I never understood why. Well I broke up the banana and ate it with the cereal and the crunch and flavor was amazing. I am typing this 3 hours later and I am still not hungry either which is a great sign. I have another busy day today with classes 8am-4pm and a lunch meeting. School is starting to pick up the pace which I am not a lover of, but at least it’s expected. Ok, let me share my lunch with you..


Squid in Tomato Sauce August 29, 2011

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Dinner tonight is a bowl of squid in tomato sauce. I had this in the freezer and it is quick, easy, and delicious. I will definitely snack on some fruits and veggies later, but this will be fine for now. I have to go over my friend’s place in two hours to review our SP write-ups that we typed before we write them by hand so we don’t mess them up 10 pages in and have to start over from the beginning. I have to finish typing my actually since I have a little more to go. We are also going to practice radial pulse and blood pressure on each other, as well as some other vital signs. Today was such a long day and tomorrow is going to be the same. I am planning on taking a gym class at school tomorrow though so hopefully that will give me some energy. Time to scarf this food down and get to work!