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Tomato Bisque with Shrimp & Clams, Cheddar Bay Biscuit March 30, 2012

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Today for dinner I am having tomato bisque, shrimp, and clams with a cheddar bay biscuit. The soup was still super yummy but the biscuits were just ok, I made them from a packet and even added some extra cheese but they were just ok. Nothing will top Red Lobster’s biscuits if you ask me ha. So I am finally home from my long Friday. My rheumatology test went better than I expected and the simulation lab experience, as nerve-wracking as it was, was really fun. It was so interesting to interact with my classmates and determine what was wrong with out patient. I thought the debriefing afterwards would be a waste of time, but it was nice to give and get feedback, andddd I didn’t even mind the oral presentation. I was much less nervous than I thought I would be. All and all it was a good day! Now I get to spend the night babysitting some awesome kiddos who hopefully won’t be awake very long so I can relax ;) The weekend is finally here!!


Tuna, Whole Wheat Pitas, Baby Carrots, Apple

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For lunch today I packed a can of light tuna, two whole wheat mini pitas, baby carrots, and an apple. I know I am a extremely similar lunch a few days ago, but it’s only of the only semi-balances things I had, especially with not being able to eat meat today. After school today I have a short period of time before I have to go babysit for the evening. I have been so busy lately. It’s funny because about two weeks ago I was complaining how I have barely been babysitting and now it’s a few times a week easy. If fact, I even had to refer one of my families to a friend since two couples always go out together which is hard babysitter wise. My classmate watched them last weekend and they already gave her more dates in the future, awesome! Anyway, I really have to get moving since I have to dress professionally today and have about 15 minutes to do so blahhh. Is this day over yet?!?!?!


Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal with Omega Trek Mix

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This morning for breakfast I made Oat Revolution strawberries and cream instant oatmeal topped with TJ’s omega trek mix. I am only down to apples left as my fruit so I’m skipping it this morning being this oatmeal has a minute amount of dried strawberries ha. I am really nervous for my rheumatology test this morning, and then I am nervous for my simulation lab in the afternoon. I haven’t even attempted to prepare for the latter since I have a few hours in the morning to do so, if I can really prepare at all. Let’s just say now more than other I really glad today is Friday. It would have been nice to be finished after my exam but at least I get my simulation lab out of the way. The sun is shining today which is pretty nice for a change, I hope it’s not really cold out, I’ve been in spring for for a while. I have a feeling I may need to bundle a little bit. Alright, now I must go put something in my lunch box for later..


Tomato Bisque with Shrimp & Clams March 29, 2012

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Tonight for dinner I made Hungry Girls’s Lean-O Cioppino which is essentially tomato bisque with shrimp and clams seasoned with oregano, basil, salt and pepper. I have to say I have been meaning to make this for months since I saw it on TV. I wanted to make it right away but I convinced myself to wait until I didn’t have a lot of fresh foods since the ingredients are stored in the cupboard/freezer. Well tonight was the night, andddd I can even eat my leftovers tomorrow during Lent on Friday. This came out really good. I used Amy’s light tomato bisque which I was nervous I wasn’t going to like since I am not a huge tomato person most of the time, but it is definitely a great recipe. I would make this again for sure. Super long day for me today, all I ever want to do is sleep. Unfortunately, my night will be spent studying for my rheumatology test tomorrow. I will be at school until 4pm though since I have simulation lab and debriefing booo!


Homemade Pepperoni Pizza, Baby Carrots

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For lunch today I am packing the same thing I had yesterday — homemade pepperoni pizza with baby carrots. I thoroughly enjoy this yesterday. I really love homemade pizza! Granted I enjoy it from pizza parlors as well, homemade so much better than frozen and probably cheaper to make too. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I made it. I think I need to stock up on some pizza dough. Once in a while I make my own, so that’s always a (surprisingly easy) option too. I find myself sooo tired all the time anymore. Even when I just wake up I am exhausted just thinking about all the studying I have to do and everything else I must prepare for. Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday. I just have two long and full days until I can relax a bit. Then 3 exams next week ugh! Alright no looking ahead, day by day. I better get moving, enjoy your day!


Strawberry Greek Yogurt, High Fiber Cereal

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This morning for breakfast I am having a strawberry Greek yogurt with TJ’s high fiber cereal. You should see my sections of the refrigerator, they are sooo bare. I was planning to wait until Sunday to get an order, but yesterday I was reminded by a friend that will be away all next weekend for Easter so I really shouldn’t buy much food at all. I think I will just run in the store by my apartment for a few fruits and veggies to last me 5 days and then I should be ok. I have to stock up on a few frozen freggies too since they are nice to have on hand times like now and I’m pretty deficit. Class today is 8:30am-2:30pm. I also have to meet with my adviser at the end of the day for our semester check-in meeting. Hopefully I won’t be there too long, I really don’t have any issues I need to discuss. I guess it is nice though that they make up come in and chat just in case some people who too shy to reach out for help. Ok, grabbing my lunch!


Homemade Pepperoni Pizza, Baby Carrots March 28, 2012

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Today for lunch I made a pepperoni pizza with mozzarella/cheddar cheeses on TJ’s garlic & herb dough with a size of baby carrots. I usually always buy the regular dough but I wanted to try this one and I’m sooo glad I did. It is full of flavor and gives my usual pizza a nice tasty twist. I will definitely buy this again. I am trying to use foods that I have as well, so I finished up a half a bag of pepperoni I had hanging out in one my drawers and now I can actually see what I have left. For a while I was buying tons of food every week and then only eating half of it so I could have lots of options. But now I am going to try to buy what I want and don’t get too crazy with the extras or things to store for another time. I think it will be kinder to my budget and waistline ha! It was so joyous to only have 2 hours of class today, I guess it makes for my longer next two days. It just makes more rheumatology studying blahh!