Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Seafood Sausage, Yams, Salad May 31, 2010

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At Wegman’s yesterday my mom decided to buy seafood sausage. It is made with salmon, shrimp, and seasonings in a pork casing. It wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t love it, but I was glad to have tried it. The other stuff was just leftovers from last night. I also had a half of cannoli too! I love cannolis yummm! No more silly foods like that for me though — healthy eating is starting on Wednesday. Once I get back to my apartment it will be so much easier to eat better, since I do all the shopping and cooking. It will be amazing to get back to air conditioning tomorrow as well. And I will be able to study again. For some reason I can rarely get work done at home because there is so much to do and people to see. Tomorrow morning my dad is taking me to get some groceries and I am hoping to get on the road after lunch. I have to take his car back to school because something is wrong with mine and has to go to the dealer. I am glad it will be fixed but slightly annoyed because my car needs to have a permit to park at my apartment complex and obviously my dad’s car doesn’t have one. I parked there for a week before without one and didn’t get towed but I’m nervous to push my luck for another week. We’ll see! Ok, I’m going to watch a movie. Until tomorrow!


Eggs, Ham, English Muffin

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Today I woke up and it was 5,000 degrees. I hate that my house doesn’t have central air and that my dad has yet to put the air conditioners in the bedrooms. Anyway, my mom made breakfast so I had ham, eggs, and a half of english muffin with butter. I had a cannoli too but I didn’t get to take a picture of that because I was too excited to eat it haha. Since I ate later this morning I’m planning not to eat again until dinner. I am going to do a little shopping this afternoon with my mom and grandma, although I don’t know how long we’ll be out with this heat. It has to be 90 and it’s not even noon. Ok, well keep cool today!!


Chicken, Yams, Salad May 30, 2010

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Well dinner tonight was pretty good. I had marinated chicken on the grill, yams, and salad. My family made so much more but I was rushing to eat before work so this was all I ate. I really enjoyed it though! It was nice to see my grandparents for a little bit even if I did have to sneak out for work about an hour after they arrived.

Work was so fun and busy tonight!! We made really good tips and I was able to see a ton of regular customers that I forgot I missed. I actually missed my crazy boss too. He is a guy good, quirks and all ha! Minus my injured foot, my feet killed being on them all night. I totally wasn’t used to constantly being on them and moving around nonstop. It’s such a relief to be sitting down now. I really want to get a waitressing job this fall, but man I will have to get exercising or taking long walks on a regular basis so I can strengthen my feet/legs. Anyway, I was super glad I worked and it felt just like any other summer. Unfortunately I ate more ice cream than I should of, but I really just sampled a few things — no big sundaes or anything. Ok, well I’m going to head to bed now and pray my feet don’t hurt in the morn. Niiiight!!


Rainbow Roll & Grapes

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While at Wegman’s today I ventured over to the sushi counter so of course I had to get a roll. I decided on a rainbow roll which I love! It was delicious as usual. I also had some super hard and sweet grapes which were good too. My grandparents are coming over for dinner/a cookout tonight so I didn’t want to eat too much at lunch because I’m sure tonight we’ll have some awesome foods. Then at 6pm I am working at my old job at the ice cream shop just for the night with my two favorite girls. I cannot wait and I think we will be really busy because it is so nice out tonight and with it being a holiday weekend and all. Yayyy for tonight! :)


Wheat Chex

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Breakfast today is Wheat Chex! This is my all time favorite cereal. I am slightly weird and don’t like any cereals that are sweet or sugary. So I pretty much only eat regular Cheerios, Chex, Crispix etc. So good! After breakfast, I’ll be heading to church and then to Wegman’s with my parents. I’m sure I will get some food but I will get more tomorrow as well. I am planning to post a photo of grocery order so be on the look out for that!

P.S. Last night was a blast, but I didn’t have a great opportunity to take a picture of my food since I mostly picked all night. I ended up having way too many cosmos and singing karoake with my aunts for a good part of the night ha. It was fun but I was feeling it this morning! So  yeaa I basically am not going to be starting this healthy eating thing until I get back to school. Oh well — I’ll enjoy it while I can!


Bacon & Cheese Omelette May 29, 2010

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This morning I met my friends/old co-workers for breakfast at this cute diner. Ironically, we all got bacon and cheese omelettes and they were delicious. I am glad we were able to catch up on a bunch of things and I even ran into a friend from high school while there. I really miss working at the ice cream shop I used to work at a lot, and both of the girl’s I met are working tomorrow night. So they are going to ask our boss if he will call the third girl off and let me work instead. Hopefully it’ll work out because I miss them as much as I miss working there.

Well, now I am going to help my mom prepare some things to bring to my grandparents for their Memorial Day party this afternoon. I’ll be glad to see my family so I hope they all come. I also hope I don’t overeat too much, because I tend to do that at family gatherings when we are all surrounded by so many delicious treats. Cross your fingers for me ha!


Yogurt/Kiwi/Granola May 28, 2010

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It is beautiful outside once again today. I am starting the day off with my go to Activia light peach yogurt, a kiwi, and some Kashi GO LEAN Crunch Honey Almond Flax on the side. I should mention that I love to eat a kiwi this way, by cutting it in half. Of course it’s easy to eat once it is peeled and sliced, but my preferred method is just slicing it in half. Then I use a spoon to loosen the edges and scoop it out — quick and easy! I also love the somewhat new GO LEAN Crunch flavor of Honey Almond Flax. They used to just make the regular kind, but I like this one so much more! It tastes exactly how it sounds.. crunch and all! I love to throw it in my yogurt as well for the perfect combination of textures.

Ok well now it is time to pack and get moving. I am planning to swing by school on my way home and see if I can pick up one of my finals.. I don’t know how early the secretary will be there though. Alright, lot’s to do, better get started!