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A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Turkey & Cheese Sandwich, Cucumber Slices, Strawberries & Blueberries June 11, 2012

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Today for lunch I packed an oven roasted turkey, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and baby spinach on toasted whole wheat bread with a sliced cucumber and strawberries/blueberries. This lunch makes me happy. It is sooo colorful and complete I’m sure I will enjoy it. I always feel so much better about eating a balanced meal. Yesterday, I went a little crazy with all the random foods and times I ate, I am glad to be back on track today. I’m hating this whole exam every Monday thing. It is totally killing me weekends and it’s rarely hard to balance with studying for oral boards since they are so important too ahhh! It was nice to have a weekend free of games/babysitting though (even if a family did cancel last minute). This weekend I am definitely a little busier, as expected. I can’t believe how fast the summer spring is flying by. I just need to keep my eye on the prize. Ok orthopedics test here I come!


Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Cucumber Slices May 22, 2012

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Lunch today is also a repeat of yesterday (well the last two days!) — ham and extra sharp cheddar cheese with lettuce on toasted whole wheat bread with cucumber slices. Once I get something in my head and I actually like it I can’t think of anything else, so of course this lunch resurfaces. This further reinforces what an impact real cheese has on my palate ha. So after my long day, the plan is to go to the boyfriend’s for dinner. It will be nice to not have to cook (hopefully). I have a feeling I’m going to be extremely tired so hopefully I don’t pass out while eating. I really need to get back into a gym routine so I can have some more energy, or at the very least speed my metabolism up. I have to pack a list today as well to pack for Toronto. I can’t believe I am leaving on Friday. When my friends and I booked our hotel for the AAPA conference it seemed sooo far off. I guess time really does fly!!!


Ham & Cheddar Sandwich, Cucumber Slices May 21, 2012

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For lunch today I am having a ham and extra sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with lettuce on toasted whole wheat bread with cucumber slices. I absolutely devoured this yesterday and I knew as soon as I thought of what to bring for lunch today this would be it. Once again, the cheese absolutely made it and I definitely need to buy it more often. I only have class until 3:30pm which is kind of nice. Any class time will be long though after the weekend and just having finals for the week prior to last. Hopefully the new material will be interesting but that may be too much to ask as I have a geriatrics lecture from 8am-12pm ha. It is pretty gloomy out today and I think it rained last night. Pretty sleeping weather of course. I’m sure I will want to crash when I come as usual. I guess it’s better than snacking though. I’m trying to kick that silly habit where I have to eat something as soon as I walk in the door. No snacks for me today!


Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Sliced Cucumber May 20, 2012

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For lunch today I had a ham and extra sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with lettuce on toasted whole wheat bread and a sliced cucumber. This was amazingggg! I never buy cheese because I can’t keep it in the house since I love it so much but I’m really glad I did. It totally made this sandwich a million times better. As much as I love Laughing Cow, this doesn’t hold a stick to it ha. Sooo I have been working on my oral boards study guides all day. They are taking forever and I lost some time to my softball game earlier (which we lost 4-2 boo). I need to step up my pace or I am going to be up late tonight finishing. Not getting them done is not an option since I’m sure my other two friends will have their parts completed and I hate letting people down. WordPress wasn’t publishing my pictures before so I wasn’t sure this was even going to work. I am definitely running out of space so I need to decide if I want to buy more blah :/


Mini Cheese Pizzas, Baby Carrots, Apple Slices May 18, 2012

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Today for lunch I am having mini cheese pizza on multigrain light English muffins, baby carrots, and apple slices. I almost bought wraps at the store today to make pizza with but I knew I had a sleeve of English muffins so I figured I would finish those up. Sometimes I buy things just because I like them or they are on sale and I really don’t need them. I end up wasting a lot of foods this way and it’s just not practical. I am trying to focus more on what I actually need from now on. This was the perfect lunch today, sooo tasy! I basically didn’t do anything significant for my oral boards study guides which means I need to go hard core this afternoon. I feel like I’m in a school rut and just want to play outside, or do anything except this. I know I have to though and getting through this one semester in the summer will mean so much. I can do it. I will do it. I am starting right now. Angina study guide here I come!


Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Brown Rice May 17, 2012

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For lunch today I am having chicken, steamed broccoli, and brown rice. This is finally the last of this meal! I have to admit I really didn’t get sick of it at all and I thought I would. They are all just foods that my taste buds love apparently ha. I did have a fare amount of chicken leftover so I’ll be putting that to go use tonight when the boy comes over for dinner. In fact, I even prepped it about a half hour ago. Well now I can finally say I am finished with my spring semester whooo hoooo. My pathology final went ok today (I think) but more than anything I’m happy it’s over. I don’t think I failed it so as long as that’s the case I’ll take whatever I get ha. Now I need to focus on making oral boards study guides although that may wait another hour or two as I’m not really ready to be in school mode and I might even need a little nap since I got up at 5am. It’s such a relief for finals to be over I honestly don’t even want to think :)


Fried Egg on Toast, Cucumber Slices, Apple Slices May 16, 2012

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Today for lunch I am having a fried egg on a slice of whole wheat toast, with a sliced cucumber, and apple slices. I am really into eggs lately. I think I could honestly eat them everyday and not get sick of them. This was delicious! Although, I do wish I had some laughing cow cheese to top it off with. I’ll be sure to pick some up soon as it’s on my test. Well, I am super down right now right because my clinical medicine II final was soooo hard. I literally feel like it took so much out of me. I just want to lay around and do nothing and of course I can’t because I have a pathology final tomorrow ughh. I feel like I can never catch a break anymore. I am going to take a slight break and watch TV while I eat. I need to clear my head a bit. Thankfully I don’t have a softball game tonight although it might have been nice to get outside and move around. I just have to think this time tomorrow I’ll be completely finished!