Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Salad, Rigatoni, Chicken, Potatoes, Roll November 27, 2011

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 7:19 pm

Today at my cousin’s baby shower I had a salad with oil and vinegar, rigatoni, chicken marsala, potatoes, and a roll. It was all super yummy and made by my aunt’s fiance. The shower was really nice! It was great to see a lot of my family and check out my cousin’s new ring since she is also newly engaged. Things are happening quick lately. She is due on Valentine’s day and I can’t wait for the little guy to arrive. Everyone is thinking he will come early, but we’ll see. Now I am back in Philly and hanging with the boyfriend. I feel like it’s been way longer than a week since I have seen him last, not cool at all. He is going to help me study some derm for my test tomorrow so hopefully I will know it somewhat at least ha. I hate getting back into the grind after being off for a few days. Oh well 4 weeks until Christmas ;)


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