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A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Turkey Rolls, Green Beans, Yams April 30, 2011

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For lunch today I am having honey smoked turkey rolls, green beans, and baked yams. I want to finish up my sides since I will be having dinner tonight at the boy’s school for an end of the year event. Tomorrow night we are going to the Phillies game as well so I figured I might as well use them up now. Last night, I basically finished my introduction. I have a few more things to add at the end of it but I need a couple papers from school I forgot to grab. It won’t take long once I have them though. This morning I have been working on the results and am about halfway through them already which is super exciting. I am hoping to get another section or two done before I head to the boyfriend’s to catch up on the Royal Wedding and get ready for this evening :)


Whole Wheat Waffles with Blackberries

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This morning for breakfast I am having two whole wheat waffles with fresh blackberries. I have to amp up my waffle eating this week since I bought another box of them yesterday and already had a box. My grocery store had a triple manufacturers coupon day so I made out really well, and basically just bought stuff I had coupons for since it cost me pennies. I wish they did that more often! So today is another beautiful day and I am essentially finished with my introduction yayyy! I have to shape up the end of it but I need a few more papers I have at school so I will bang that out this week. Today I am planning to work on my results. I hope it won’t be too intense!


Baked Salmon, Green Beans, Yam Slices April 29, 2011

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Tonight for tonight I had a piece of baked salmon marinated in teryaki sauce, steamed green beans, and yam slices. This is almost the same meal as last night except I figured I would switch up the fish. I need to go grocery shopping again soon since I am getting low on meat, veggies, etc. Since my opening day was canceled tonight because of the poor field conditions (i.e. torential downpours yesterday), I might have time to go later. But I will only go if I finish my introduction. I have a minimum of three paragraphs left to do and am feeling pretty confident about them. I really hope I can meet my Wednesday deadline for my first rough draft. Otherwise, just hanging in tonight! Yayy for Friday :P


Tuna Cups, Strawberries, Cucumber Slices

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Today for lunch I am having five tuna + celery/mayo in fillo cups with fresh strawberries and cucumber slices. I have been wanting to have these cute little cups for the longest time. I love that you can use them for a meal or dessert and they have the perfect amount of crunch. I definitely plan to incorporate them into something sweet. So I went into lab for a few hours this morning and actually got a lot done. This afternoon I need to finish up cellular adhesion molecules as well as endothelial dysfunction in pathological conditions and I will be finished with my introduction yayyy! Hopefully I can write 2-3 pages in a few hours since I have opening day for softball at 6pm. Wish me luck!


TJ’s High Fiber Cereal, Kiwi

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This morning for breakfast I am having Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal with fat free milk and a freshly sliced kiwi. I really love kiwi! They are sooo sweet and juicy. Soooo I woke up this morning at 6:30am since I was a little warm and of course I turned the Royal Wedding on. It really is quite the event! I love Kate’s dress and how formal everything is. I made the boyfriend DVR it so I will have to watch the beginning for real this weekend. Such an exciting time! Sooo now I am planning to go into lab for a few hours. I only need to do 3 hours to get my 15 hours in for the week so that is really nice. I am planning to come home for lunch so I will post again when I return! Happy Friday:D


Tilapia, Green Beans, Baked Yams April 28, 2011

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Tonight for dinner I made a piece of broiled tilapia, steamed green beans, and baked yams. It was really good but it is almost too humid to eat. I normally eat a lot earlier than I am tonight but I just couldn’t get the energy nor did I have much of an appetite. I know if I don’t eat something normal I will want to snack later. I already munched on some candy at school today so no more of that! Hopefully, it will cool down in the next hour so I can get comfortable and continue to write my introduction. I really want to finish it up by tomorrow at the latest. That way I can work on my results and discussion over the weekend and early next week in hopes of finishing my first real draft by Wednesday. I still have to analyze my slides, make graphs with the data, write it up, and take pictures through the microscope but I am thinking that can be done after I get my first draft mainly finished since it’s not an imperative part for my committee members to read before my final committee meeting. Wish me luck in my deadlines!


Turkey & Cheese Sandwich, Carrots, Strawberries

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For lunch today I packed a  honey roasted turkey and light swiss sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread, baby carrots, and fresh strawberries. This is pretty similar to my lunch yesterday, but you expected that right? I wish I had some lettuce or spinach for my sandwiches lately, I will have to pick some up soon. I only got a few basic staples at home on Monday so I will be sure to get a more complete order in the near future. I have no plans tonight so far which is amazing. Sometimes I just need that time to relax at home. Yesterday, I was exhausted from babysitting all day then running around at softball. Royal wedding in less than 24 hours, who’s excited?