Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Swiss Steak with Peas November 30, 2010

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 7:13 pm

Tonight for dinner I made swiss steak with peas. My whole apartments smells delicious because of it. It is such a good meal to make when I don’t have any fresh foods since I use canned sauce and peas, and then frozen meat. I did have an onion on hand which helped too! I haven’t made this dish in a while and I really love it. I’m glad I’ll have meals for a couple days too. So I got my car fixed today and it’s back to normal. I wasn’t able to find a ride to pick it up when it was ready so I walked but it wasn’t that bad at all, at least it stopped raining at that point. Tonight I am going to review a little for my CNA test on Thursday and then get to bed early. Literally everyone in my life is sick, now including my roommate, so I need to make sure I get enough sleep. Tomorrow is a new day!


Avocado & Ricotta Sandwich

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I am having an early lunch today since I just picked on some pretzels earlier this morning. I made an avocado and ricotta sandwich on a toasted multigrain english muffin. I am going to walk to school shortly because my car is in the shop. I need new routers, front breaks, and a right caliper? I think anyway haha. My roommate was nice enough to follow me and take me back home at 8am. Luckily, my school is only 1.5 miles from our apartment so it’s a an easy walk. I have class 12-1pm so I am hoping that my car is ready by then and I can see if someone leaving class with me would mind dropping me off. If I can’t find anyone it’s probably 2-3 miles away so I can walk it. I’m just hoping it doesn’t rain. Ok, time to get ready for the day!



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Dinner last night I went out for cheesesteaks with a friend. It was delicious! Living in Philly you would think I eat them more often but I actually only end up having them with I have visitors since it’s a classic Philadelphia sandwich. It was delicious and very filling though. I had a fun night and am glad to be back!!


Homemade Pizza November 29, 2010

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 1:50 pm

Today for lunch I am having homemade pizza from my freezer. I made this a few weeks ago and decided it would be lunch today since I don’t have much else. I need to get to the grocery store soon so I can get some fresh fruits and veggies. It was great being home for a week but I am glad to be back in Philly. I am going to watch Brothers & Sisters online now and then hang out with a friend a little later. Dinner tonight is up in the air ha!


Pumpkin Pie

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Today for breakfast I am having a slice of pumpkin pie. This is when I love it — leftover, cold, and in the morning haha. It is sooo yummy and delicious! Later this morning I am heading back to Philly. I have a doctor’s appointment at 10am and then I planning to swing by the bank, get some gas, and get on the road. It was so nice being home, although I literally got 5 people in my family sick which I feel really bad about. Oh and today is my mom’s birthday.. happy 52nd mama!! Love you<333


Spaghetti & Meatballs November 28, 2010

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Well today I went over my grandma’s for dinner. She is Italian and made this huge pot of delicious sauce that I needed to have. I think I miss Sunday pasta dinner the most about being away from home. My  grandma makes the best sauce in the entire world. My mom’s is pretty good too, but grandma’s wins by a landslide haha. I went down their house and helped them decorate for Christmas and bring six million boxes down from their attic. It was fun to hang with them and then stuff myself with two servings of pasta lol. With this meal and Thanksgiving I really have to get to the gym. Back to Philly tomorrow.. and my mom’s bday yayyy!


Ham Omelette, Toast with Jam November 27, 2010

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 9:50 am

Today for breakfast I made a two egg ham omelette with a piece of whole wheat toast topped with strawberry jam. It was delicious! This is a usual breakfast I used to make when I lived at home. I felt the need to make it today for old times and since I woke up a little later and will probably just snack for lunch. Also, tonight is my 5 year high school reunion which is appetizers and open bar so it looks like I’ll be snacking for the rest of the day. I’ll post if I can otherwise enjoy your Saturday :)