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A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Chicken Fried Rice with Asparagus October 31, 2010

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 5:16 pm

Tonight for dinner I am having chicken fried rice with fresh asparagus chopped up in it. I am glad my asparagus lasted the weekend since I wasn’t sure it would. I have like no food, so I definitely need to get to the store soon. I basically don’t have time to until like Wednesday unless I just run it and out quick. I have my big final on Tuesday morning so I need to spend all my free time studying for that until then. Tuesday night I am going to dinner with a friend and then Wednesday I’ll be back in the lab. Oh well I’ll figure it out! I had such an amazing time in NYC and am super sad to be back in Philly. I miss my friends soooo much! We definitely need to plan to get together more often. They are the best friends a girl could ask for :)


English Muffin, Fresh Fruit with Cool Whip

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 11:00 am

Today for breakfast my friend made a delicious breakfast — eggs, english muffins with butter, and fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries topped with cool whip. She is amazing and so cute and I love her! I didn’t have eggs, but it was still a fabulous breakfast. We had an amazing night out last night too. I felt like I was back in college and I loved every second of it (minus the blisters all over my feet from my 4 inch heels ha)! I am so sad to head back to Philly today. Back to the real world of studying and homework blahhh. Yayyy for lighting the city on fire ;)


Shrimp Fried Rice October 30, 2010

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 7:11 pm

Well we decided to order Chinese for dinner and I wasn’t really hungry but kind of wanted a little of something so I ordered a what I thought would be small order of shrimp fried rice and it was enormous. I probably ate 1/8th of it, maybe less. Oh well I guess I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow. Tonight we are headed out to a Halloween party again. I hope it is super fun! NYC = love!


Cheeseburger, Cheese Fries, Black & White Shake

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 2:47 pm

Today for lunch we went to the most amazing chain ever — Shake Shack! It literally is always busy and has the best food ever. I ordered a cheeseburger, cheese fries, a black and white shake, and a water. Apparently you have to get a shake as it is part of the experience so I did. And the cheese on the cheese fries is literally the best I have ever had in my entire life, and I am a huge cheese person! It’s been like 2 hours later and I am still really full from it. I’m thinking we might skip dinner tonight too ha. Then we just walked around the city for a while and I got some scarves. Now we are back at the apartment just hanging around, probably going to nap soon. I miss college!


Chicken & Dumplings, Birthday Cake October 29, 2010

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 8:20 pm

Tonight my friend made this fabulous dish called chicken and dumplings. It is made with chicken, cream of mushroom soup, carrots, potatoes, red pepper, onions, and dumplings. She always talks about it and I never had it so I was so excited it she made it for my visit. Sooo yummy! My friend also made me our traditional birthday cake from college. We always make each other funfetti cake with our name spelled on top in M&M’s. My birthday is a week and half so I wasn’t even expecting. She is the cutest ever. Now we are getting ready to pre-game and play some cards before we head out for our hot night on the town in our crazy costumes. Tonight is going to be a good night :) Love my ladies <3333333


Beef Brisket Melt

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 4:49 pm

Today for lunch I am in New York City! I am staying with one of my best friends from college and I love it already. We went to this cute deli for lunch and I ordered a beef brisket melt which came on a kaiser roll with cheddar cheese and onions. I decided I am going all out this weekend just because I can haha. I can’t wait for our other friend to get here shortly. It will be so nice to be together with both of them considering I think it’s been 7 months since we all hung out. Can’t wait for our homemade dinner too! Yayyyy!


Turkey Sandwich, Carrots, Cocoa Roast Almonds October 28, 2010

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 7:54 am

For lunch today I packed an oven roasted turkey and spring mix sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with baby carrots and cocoa roast almonds. I can survive without a piece of fruit after all ha! Ok, Target time then off to do my last experiment for the week. Sushi tonightttttttttt :)