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Groceries Courtesy of My Mama <3 May 31, 2011

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Before heading back to my apartment today, my mom and I stopped to stock me up on groceries. I knew I finished the majority of my food before I headed home for the week, so it was such a relief to not have to go food shopping after I unpacked everything. Below are the goods!


Turkey Cutlets, Green Beans, White Rice

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For dinner tonight I am having turkey cutlets, steamed green beans, and white rice. I love being home and having someone else cook for me for once. I am heading back to Philly now although I’m a little nervous since my dad said he heard on the radio there were some accidents on the road I take. Hopefully, they will be cleaned up by the time I get to their locations. Now I need to pack my car and get moving so I can get back before dark. I should be fine as long as I don’t hit traffic/accidents. It is still soooo hot out. My AC awaits! It was a fun and jam packed 6 days at home but I am ready to get back to normalcy. Babysitting my 3 little girls for the last time tomorrow — soo sad!!


Grilled Chicken Panini

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For lunch today we went to my favorite place and I ordered my favorite sandwich — the grilled chicken panini with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, and their house dressing on a homemade roll. It was sooooo good! I just did a million errands today with my mom and grandma, and got groceries to bring back so that will be one less thing I need to do when I get back tonight and is a huge help. It is ungodly hot today!! And oh so humid. I cannot wait to go back and be in the AC for good. I like being home but its not worth this heat sometimes. I dread starting school in a week. I have no idea how I am going to have the energy to study everyday. Oh well! Staying home until dinner then hitting the road — hopefully when it’s a little cooler. Adios!


Bran Flakes, Fresh Strawberries

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For breakfast this morning I am having a bowl of bran flakes with 2% milk and some fresh strawberries. This is my first time having bran flakes. They aren’t as bad as I thought, although they get soggy too fast for me. Well today is my last day home. We will be leaving within the hour to head to my mom’s dentist appointment, then we have to run a bunch of errands. It is supposed to be 93 by this afternoon so hopefully we don’t stay out too long. I am planning to head back to Philly after dinner but I may leave earlier. Happy Tuesday!


Teryaki Chicken, Yams, Garden Salad May 30, 2011

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Tonight we dinner I had grilled teryaki chicken, half of a yam, and a garden salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cukes, and feta. I love grilling so much! It saddens me deeply that I am not allowed to grill on the balcony of my apartment. That’s one of the reasons I told my mom I would handle dinner tonight ha. Today was such a tiring day. Other than helping my grandparents with getting out their patio/porch furniture, we went to buy tons of flowers/potting soil and then planted all day. Then I came home and helped my mom plant at home. It was like 100 degrees and oh so humid. This is not my idea of fun. But I am never home and I know my parents are getting older and it’s a lot of work so I feel I should put in my share. Got to run, my mom is screaming about a spider in a shirt she just took off the line haha!


Bacon, Egg, Toast Cups, Cantaloupe

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For breakfast this morning I made my parents and I turkey bacon, egg, and whole wheat toast cups. I usually make them with egg whites/substitute for myself, but my parents don’t buy those cartons and I didn’t want to waste the eggs so I just used whole ones. Everyone loved them! I also cut up a fresh cantaloupe too. So yummy! I ate way too much food the last 2 days so I definitely need to get back to normal now. Shortly, I am going down my grandparents to help them move all their porch furniture from the shed onto the back porch. They are really heavy, so I am hoping my 88-year-old grandfather and I can handle it. Too bad my brother is busy moving out of his apartment. Possibly going to a friends for pool time and fun later on!


Italian Hoagie, Salad, Fruit May 29, 2011

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For dinner today I had an Italian hoagie, garden salad, watermelon, and grapes. It was all soooo amazing!! This was only my first plate, but I am sure I will be picking all day/night long. My brother’s graduation was so long that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was starving. It was a really nice ceremony. Mint juleps and mango martini’s are the speciality drinks today. Should be a fun one! Off to hang with the family while I am finally home with them for a little while. Life is good!