Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Honey Greek Yogurt, Apple, Baby Carrots, Cocoa Roast Almonds May 2, 2012

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 7:10 am

For lunch today I packed a Yoplait honey Greek yogurt, an apple, baby carrots, and cocoa roast almonds. I never bought this brand of Greek yogurt before so I hope it’s good. I had a coupon so I decided to give them a try. I was not a honey flavor lover in the past but I’m trying it again. I’ll eat it regardless it’s just a matter of whether or not it matches up with Chobani to be added to my Greek rotation. The stakes are high ha! Otherwise, today after class my community service group is going to a local high school to give a 9th grade class a presentation on hygiene. I speak first am in charge of explain our hand washing germ activity as well as beginning the presentation/powerpoint aspect taking about sweat and glands etc. It shouldn’t be too bad, but I am hoping they will be interactive since I plan on asking them a lot of question to find out their knowledge base and keep them involved. Ahh wish us luck!


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