Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Fish Sticks, Cucumber Slices April 25, 2012

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 12:28 pm

Today for lunch I am having the last of my fish sticks with a sliced cucumber. I’ll probably snack on a piece of fruit later but I didn’t want anything else right now. I also prepped dinner a little early too which I never have time to do. Luckily, my schedule allows me to come home and eat lunch/shower/study before going back to school for my SP. My oncology test was pretty hard today but I knew it would be. I’m just glad it’s over worth. There was some easy ones and others I just couldn’t decide between two. Oh well, let’s hope I picked the right one most of the time. Otherwise now I’m just making sure I am ready for my SP while I go through all of my radiology slides for my quiz tomorrow. I hope it is more new stuff than old since that is what I will be focusing on. I kind of hate that every quiz and test in radiology is cumulative. I guess it makes sense, it’s just hard to remember everything from weeks ago. I shall try my best!


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