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High Fiber Cereal, Banana March 15, 2012

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 8:16 am

Breakfast this morning is a bowl of TJ’s high fiber cereal and a banana. I love this! I am sooo glad my friend turned me on to this combo. The fruity banana with the crunchy cereal is such a perfect mix and a great way to start out my day. I actually have class 8am-3pm today which is a decently long day compared to usual. Our awkward lunch break is 10-11am so I will most likely eat during class. I find if I eat earlier I end up eating more throughout the day so I try to stick to my normal meal times. We actually have seven local college pre-PA students sitting in on our classes today. Hopefully, that will go well for them and they will still like their intended profession, but if not, I guess it is better to find out sooner than later. I think I would have liked the opportunity to sit in on some PA classes prior to applying for that matter so kudos for them!


One Response to “High Fiber Cereal, Banana”

  1. I also really love this combination.

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