Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Turkey Sandwich, Apple, Sliced Green Bell Pepper March 7, 2012

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 6:48 am

Lunch today is an oven roasted turkey sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with an apple and sliced green bell pepper. This pepper was getting a little wrinkly and I definitely needed to use it up. Luckily, once I sliced it, it was still nice and crisp inside. I feel like I still have a decent amount of food but I hate not having lots of fresh options. I am making due and my bank account is definitely a fan. It’s not really thatttttt hard to go three weeks without going grocery shopping, it’s more mental than anything and now that I’m almost there I definitely think I could do it again. Although, I decided I rather go every week and attempt to spend the same amount I did for three weeks, that way I can always have fresh things. Hopefully I can pull it off on Sunday, I’m thinking positive ;) Ok, cardiology test time ahhh wish me luck!


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