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Ham Sandwich, Orange, Celery Sticks, Pretzels February 9, 2012

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 6:59 am

Today for lunch I packed a cooked ham sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with an orange, celery sticks, and honey braided pretzels. I completely forgot I had a bag of these pretzels and discovered them this morning while moving some stuff around. Always a good find! Sooo after my classes today I have to come home and study all night for my second infectious disease test tomorrow ughhh. The class average on the first one was the lowest I think we have ever had on an exam so I’m not too optimistic about this one. These are just way too much drug to learn. I guess I’ll have to try my best. We’ll see if I can convince myself to watch Grey’s/Private Practice tonight. Pretty unlikely I’m thinking at this point unless I’m super drained (which could also be possible). Alright well I am off to school for the day. Enjoy yours!


One Response to “Ham Sandwich, Orange, Celery Sticks, Pretzels”

  1. Jim Purdy Says:

    That looks like a tasty and healthful lunch. I’ve been avoiding grams and sandwiches, but I think I’ll slowly add a few back into my diet.

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