Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

TJ’s High Fiber Cereal, Orange January 18, 2012

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 8:07 am

This morning for breakfast is the same thing as yesterday since I enjoyed it so much — a bowl of TJ’s high fiber cereal with fat free milk and an orange. I can’t stress how much better this cereal is to Fiber One man sooo good. It even sucks up the milk a lot better too and isn’t as dry, yet has the same stats. Today I have ethics at 9 and then GI from 10-12 so it should be another short day. Then I am meeting with my genetics group right after but that shouldn’t take long at all. We did all of the work so now we just have to make sure we understand who is saying what for the presentation and then we have to get our time down to between the window of 18-22 minutes which should be interesting. I don’t know what I will say for sure yet so I am hoping we can do a time run through next week after we figure out logistics today. Off to school!!!!


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