Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Homemade Chili January 5, 2012

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 6:50 pm

Tonight for dinner I am warming up with a bowl of my homemade chili. I have been busying writing a paper on hemophilia A and I hate to get out of the groove and cook so chili it is. It is another chilly (pun intended haha) night so this is perfect to warm me up. I hope it gives me the motivation to finish this paper since I am so over it. It’s not due for 3 weeks but it’s a group project so three of us have to split up the paper. One girl did her part, I am working on mine, and the other girl is going to wrap it up/edit but she clearly needs my part before she can beginning proofreading it. I plan to finish tonight and then reward myself with Grey’s and Private Practice. I completely forgot they are back on tonight, thankfully of my dearest friends reminded me. Such a good goal to to work towards. Oh and tomorrow is FRIDAY!! :D


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