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Spinach, Ricotta, Bacon Pizza, Honey Crisp Apple October 10, 2011

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 7:19 am

For lunch today I made a pizza on a whole wheat pita with spinach, garlic, ricotta, turkey bacon, and mozzarella cheese with a honey crisp apple. What can I say I am really in pizza mode lately. I like them much better than sandwiches. Boardwalk Empire was really good last night too! I love that show. I am also actually getting into Pan Am. I didn’t think I liked it after I saw the first episode but keeping up with it, I am becoming a fan. Clearly, I was studying for pharm and only half watching them but sometimes I need the distraction, especially when it’s the last time I am going to study for the exam and am so sick of looking at it. I hope this day goes by fast!


2 Responses to “Spinach, Ricotta, Bacon Pizza, Honey Crisp Apple”


    That’s awesome you’re also in PA school! Which program are you in?

  2. Maria Says:

    I am at PCOM in Philly. It’s a ton of work but I love it!!!

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