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Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread, Peach Slices August 7, 2011

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 9:56 am

This morning for breakfast I had some homemade whole wheat zucchini bread (made with zucchini from my parents’ garden) and a sliced peach. It was delicious! I didn’t have any nutmeg which the recipe called for so I just used a little extra cinnamon and I think it came out great. I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose too and I think it’s just as good, if not better. Sooo I am slightly bummed that the most expensive book I sold on Amazon last week was supposedly delivered without contents, i.e. the person just got the packaging? It makes no sense to me because I wrapped it super well but clearly the post office lost it and we are both out $125+. I hope Amazon/USPS doesn’t say it’s my fault because I didn’t purchase insurance. The person who bought the book filed a claim so I guess now I’ll just wait and see — booo! Ok, time to study!


2 Responses to “Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread, Peach Slices”

  1. That’s ridiculous about the book! I never heard anything like that happen =(…but the zucchini bread looks great!

  2. The bread sounds really good!! I like to trade in whole wheat flour in recipes too and find that it definitely doesn’t take anything away!

    I hope the book situation gets resolved in your favor – I haven’t heard of anything like that either!

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