Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Chile Con Carne, Corn on the Cob July 24, 2011

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 6:21 pm

Tonight for dinner I am having a bowl of chile con carne (my mom gave me this frozen a little while back) and an ear of corn on the cob. I never eat chile but my mother insisted that this was delicious and I would like it so she saved me some to try. I must admit I actually really do like it. In fact, I am planning to bring the other half to school for lunch tomorrow. I have spent all afternoon studying for my exam tomorrow and my night is looking like the same agenda. I am ok with it though since I basically relaxed the last few days and barely looked at my notes at all. I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to study some more and then meet with 2 friends to review. Booo for tomorrow being Monday already!


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