Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Pretzels, Green Bell Pepper June 28, 2011

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 8:17 am

Lunch today is a ham and light swiss sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with honey twisted pretzels and a sliced green bell pepper. I am glad I had 2 peppers left and some green beans so I have some fresh foods to work with for meals today. I am all about freshness all the time. I just need to figure out new ways to incorporate them into my bagged lunches for school. I also need to brainstorm more fun dinner ideas. School is just really overwhelming right now so I’m not sure when I will have time for that. I know I can make time though. Today is a full day of classes/lab from 9am-6pm. I am always starving when I get out. Luckily, I have no plans tonight so I can just relax and maybe re-listen to some lectures. The fun life I lead ha!


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