Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Waffles with Fresh Blueberries June 22, 2011

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 7:48 am

This morning for breakfast I am having two Eggo FiberPlus buttermilk waffles topped with fresh blueberries. They are soo delicious! I have to say that the strawberries I had yesterday were atrocious and I barely ended up eating 2 of them. They tasted like chemicals and were nasty. I am even considering calling the store I bought them from to complain. It’s such a shame because I love strawberries and they are in season now!! Anywayyyyy, so I am super glad my anatomy exams are over. They both went pretty decently thank God. I had an awesome time with my class at the happy hour after as well. We have a great bunch of people and only a handful were missing which was awesome. I dread having an entire day of class today and then coming home to listen to boring physiology lectures!


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