Blissful Hope

A Grad Student's Journey Toward Healthy Eating

Bacon, Egg, Toast Cups, Cantaloupe May 30, 2011

Filed under: Breakfast — Maria @ 8:46 am

For breakfast this morning I made my parents and I turkey bacon, egg, and whole wheat toast cups. I usually make them with egg whites/substitute for myself, but my parents don’t buy those cartons and I didn’t want to waste the eggs so I just used whole ones. Everyone loved them! I also cut up a fresh cantaloupe too. So yummy! I ate way too much food the last 2 days so I definitely need to get back to normal now. Shortly, I am going down my grandparents to help them move all their porch furniture from the shed onto the back porch. They are really heavy, so I am hoping my 88-year-old grandfather and I can handle it. Too bad my brother is busy moving out of his apartment. Possibly going to a friends for pool time and fun later on!


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