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Turkey & Swiss Wrap, Apple, Celery Sticks May 23, 2011

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 8:04 am

Today for lunch I packed an oven roasted turkey, light swiss, and lettuce wrap with an apple and celery sticks. I never take the wrap route anymore, nor do I rarely have lettuce so this is a little exciting. I might even make a big salad for dinner tonight since I have to babysit and it’s easier to transport/eat. Hopefully, I will be home from the lab in time to relax a little and make it without rushing/having to pick up dinner somewhere on the way. I am going home for almost an entire week on Thursday and I am pretty excited about it. I know I was just home for Easter but things have either been crazy or crazy slow for me so it will be nice to hang with the fam without any deadlines hanging over my head. Hope you all have a magnificent Monday!


One Response to “Turkey & Swiss Wrap, Apple, Celery Sticks”

  1. Karen Says:

    I like the looks of that wrap. Is that lettuce in there? You could also use spinach. Nice balanced meal!

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