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Apple, Feta, & Walnut Pizza May 21, 2011

Filed under: Lunch — Maria @ 12:58 pm

Today for lunch I made an apple, feta, and walnut pizza on a tortilla topped with a little extra virgin olive oil, some rosemary, and a dash of shredded asiago. I also put a Laughing Cow light swiss cheese on the tortilla underneath the apples and baked it for about 1o minutes. Wow it was soooo good! Sweet and savory at the same time. I loved it! This will definitely be a keeper and it is quick and easy when I don’t have lunch meat or anything around. Yayy! I was inspired to make this by a blog I had bookmarked for months now which can be found here. I changed it up a little bit based on what I had but I’m sure the exact recipe would be divine as well. It is still gorgeous out today. I did a little shopping earlier this morning but I only ended up getting two things so that was good. When I go home next week I’m sure I’ll go shopping with my mom and grandma so I didn’t want to get a lot. Off to go read on my balcony :P


2 Responses to “Apple, Feta, & Walnut Pizza”

  1. Wow that looks amazing!!!

  2. Glad you tried and liked the apple pizza! Your version looks pretty yummy too! Thanks for linking back to me! :o)

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