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Pot Roast with Mushrooms, Herbed Cheese Polenta, Green Beans May 8, 2011

Filed under: Dinner — Maria @ 9:49 pm

Tonight for dinner I tried two amazing new recipes both from Giada’s Family Dinners courtesy of the fabulous blog Stirring the Pot — a pot roast with mushrooms, herbed cheese polenta, and (my usual) steamed green beans. OMG this pot roast was heaven on earth :) It was just too fabulous not to make again, like next week maybe. I don’t think we waited for the polenta to get thick enough because it was pretty soupy. We were starving though so decided to eat it anyway. Maybe tomorrow it will be better. I didn’t follow it exactly as I used regular sliced mushrooms instead of porcini, I used a boneless bottom round roast instead of a chuck roast, and I cooked it in a crock pot (on low for ~9 hours) instead of a dutch oven since I don’t have one. I saw some chuck roasts at the store but they just had too much fat for me so I went with the bottom round because it was much leaner but still had some fat for flavor. The crock pot method worked out fabulously as well. The boyfriend and I pretty much devoured this meal without saying a word. I am soooo pumped to have leftovers. I just love me a home cooked me :)


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