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Cassata Cupcakes! April 23, 2011

Filed under: Desserts — Maria @ 2:52 pm

This afternoon my mom and I made Cassata Cupcakes from The Garden of Yum. They are essentially Sicilian style rum cupcakes. I showed my mother this recipe a few weeks ago and she could not get it out of her head. She bought all the ingredients and couldn’t wait for me to come home and make them with her. I must say it was quite the production and very helpful that Raina had all the steps with pictures. We used all purpose flour instead of cake flour which I was nervous about but they still ended up coming out perfectly. The recipe made 18 cupcakes which is perfect since they are so rich and we will be having other desserts. I can’t wait until my family sees them tomorrow :)


One Response to “Cassata Cupcakes!”

  1. Raina Says:

    I am so happy that you liked them. They look perfect:)

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