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Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Brownie March 26, 2011

Filed under: Snacks — Maria @ 1:27 am

I had the most amazing snack ever tonight, for only 90 calories too! It was a Fiber One chocolate fudge brownie. When I got to babysitting the mom said the kids could have them for dessert and she asked if I ever tried one. I said no. So she insisted I have one too. I have to say I wasn’t expecting much for 90 calories but it seriously blew me away. It is chewy like a brownie and chocolaty and has chocolate chips throughout it. If you see a box of these on the shelf you definitely won’t regret buying it — that is unless you eat the entire box in one day ;)


2 Responses to “Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Brownie”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Yummy thanks for the review! :)

  2. Jenny Says:

    I haven’t tried these before! They look yummy :D

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